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    Scuba Steve's Scuba Shack "Rusty Diver Refresher Course" is designed to quickly reacquaint you with your diving skills, and then quickly move you back into the open water environment.

    After a straight-forward knowledge and skill development session, we will dive in small groups at a local dive site.

    Scuba Steve's Scuba Shack "Rusty Diver Refresher Course" contains three parts - Knowledge Development, Water skills Development and the Open Water Dive.

    During the Knowledge Development Session, you will review the basic dive safety information and overview skills that you will use during your open water dive.

    The Water skills Development Session will refresh you to the essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing and alternate air source use. You will complete skills and gain confidence in confined water before diving in the open water.

    It will be like riding a bicycle ... you never really forget how !!!


    Scuba Steve's Scuba Shack "Rusty Diver Refresher Course" includes:


  • Explanation Equipment Operation and Fit

  • Mask Preparation

  • Effects of Pressure at Depth

  • Equalization Techniques
  • Instructor Demonstration with Student Practice/Mastery

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Clearing Mask Partial Flooding and Clearing

  • BCD Inflator/Deflator Techniques

  • Proper Breathing Techniques

  • Proper Swimming Techniques

  • Use of SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge)

  • PADI Hand Signals

  • Alternate Air Source Breathing

  • Hand Holding Available - As Necessary

  • Questions and Answers Time

Practical Application of Classroom Lesson

  • Open Water Exploration Dive

  • (Bottom time is determined by your own air consumption and comfort levels.)


  • TUSA Regulators, Dive Computers and Gauges

  • TUSA Soft-back Integrated Weight System BCD's

  • 3mm-5mm Full & Tropic-style Shorty Wet Suits

  • TUSA Full View Face Masks

  • Zippered Dive Booties for Ultimate Comfort and Fit

  • TUSA Power Fins for Ease of Travel under Water


  • Full Protection from Sun and Rain

  • American-sized Director-style Seating

  • Clean carpeted staging area

  • Fully secured and locked area for personal items

  • Solar Showers for after-dive rinsing

  • Beverages and (sometimes) local organic fruits

  • Easy parking

  • Easy directions from anywhere on Kauai

  • Restaurants near-by for after-dive lunch

  • Near-by beaches for snorkeling and sun bathing

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