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Hey Steve!

Your email was a reminder of just how much we adored Kauai. You called it paradise many times in our conversations and you were right on the nose; it's absolutely amazing. We actually teared up as Kong Rock faded into the distance and out of our sight on the plane.

My wife and I just want you to know that we had a blast scuba diving with you for our first time. It's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do and Ali was super excited about it herself, so we came in with all kinds of excited energy.

We can't imagine having our scuba legs broken in by anyone else.

You made sure we knew what we were doing when we got in the water and made sure we were completely comfortable with everything before we went under. Once we were under, you were right there with us, pointing out all things awesome, like sea turtles, eels, starfish, and canon balls.

We felt comfortable with you, knowing you had our backs and seeing you do what you love.

Honestly, when we came up from our 2nd dive, I was saddened to think that it was already over. Time goes so fast when you're underwater!

At this point, it's anyone's guess as to when we'll be back in paradise. We can hardly look at our pictures from the trip because we miss it so much. Life catches back up and it did indeed for us; life is busy as ever. One day, we will go back to Kauai and we hope it's sooner rather than later.

We fell in love with that island. When we do, we will be sure to hit you up. In the meantime, we will recommend you to anyone we happen to come across that is heading in your direction and is in need of some underwater time.

Take care and thank you for a great time.


Matt and Ali

Scuba Steve,

My wife and I couldn't wait to contact you when we got home from vacation, so this email comes to you from our resort the night of our dive!

Thank you SO much for your attentiveness and individualized attention during our dives. Despite my bride's apprehensions about the water, you were able to talk her through the procedure, and all the while, you never made her feel rushed or like she was taking up too much of your time. Instead, you helped her achieve diving success and feel comfortable with her performance in the water.

Similarly, you were a great dive partner for me. Your attention to detail in pointing out aquatic life (ie. dragon eel, sea turtles, rock fish--too many species to mention here) went above and beyond my expectations for today.

Our experiences today not only created memories we'll never forget about our honeymoon, but ignited a fire within us to keep exploring other waters out there.

We could never find the words to thank you properly for theadventure we had today, so in the true spirit of aloha, mahalo from the both of us.

We'll keep a room ready for you in TN when you're ready to come try it out.

God's blessings,

Jason & Jennifer


I meant to write this in September... two years ago !!!

I did two different dives on our trip to Hawaii that year: One on Kauai with you and the other on Oahu with somethingsomethingsomething. One (yours) was a shore dive, the other a boat dive. Yours was in the day, and the other one was (supposedly) at night.

Let me tell you, there is no contest in my mind about which was best: YOUR DIVE!!

I got to see three times as much wildlife on our two tank dive than on the other one, and the other one was a three tank dive!

I certainly didn't feel rushed with you and enjoyed taking time to slow down and look at the amazing underwater world.

The other dive? After a long boat ride, we went down twice in the day, and once at twilight (it didn't even get dark!) I was sorely disappointed, especially after my great time with you.

Hopefully this email finds you doing well and diving a lot; I'm not sure when I'll make it back to Kauai, but you'll be the first person I call when I know!

I can't wait to go diving with Scuba Steve again!!

Rusty Mills

Scuba Steve !!!

Hooray! My twin sister and I had a fantastic time in Kauai and the highlight (hands down) was Scuba Diving.

Steve was both a wonderful instructor, but also a 'super cool dude' who made it easy for us beginners to acclimate to the wonderful world of under sea adventures. For anyone looking for a great deal and an amazing time ScubaSteve is your man.

Thanks again for everything Steve, that's something that will last with us for a very long time. (Can't wait to dive again).

Bryan and I wanted to say thanks for the great time you showed us. We had an amazing time and would have loved to dive more.

I wasn't sure how to write a review. So I thought I would send you a quick one.

Scuba Steve was an amazing tour guide on our aqua adventure. You made sure we were relaxed but also made diving an enjoyable experience for a first time diver.

Not afraid to admit I was a little scared. Scuba Steve had a way to relax you and make me a more confident diver. The tips you gave are great and can't wait to try them out again. The fish were amazing and the Turtles were off the hook :).

Thanks for making our certification feel less like work and more like fun.

You rock Scuba Steve. Everytime I see pink I think of you :)

Bryan and Heather

Scuba Steve,

Thanks for the advice - I never snorkel in water deeper than I can stand in just to be safe, and what I call snorkeling, is with just my head under water - I don't dive with snorkel gear (too chicken - but a Live one - haha).

But I gotta tell you and your crew this..Your thoughtfulness, professionalism, communication, and Customer Service is the Best I've seen. You have quickly answered my emails, gave me timely information, offered specials, and continued to communicate when I didn't immediately respond.

In other words - you have Great Business Sense, and you have a handle on Legendary Customer Service! When I told you about the medical concerns you sent everything I needed. You continued communication and also provided some great advice.

If I could - I would Scuba with you and your crew. I will tell my friends and Old Military Buddies to give you a yell.

Again, Mahalo!

Hi Steve,

I got your email today, I don't know if you remember me (Emil, Belgian guy)..

I want to say thank you for teaching me how to dive, and showing me that it's actually really easy. It convinced me to go study marine biology in the near future.

Your instructions were really clear, and we liked how you weren't annoyed if you had to tell us some things twice (or more), and how all the gear was clean and ready to use.

Anyways, glad to have had you as a teacher, we really enjoyed it!

Mahalo, and greetings from Belgium!

Dear Steve,

I greatly appreciated your honesty and creativity in developing the dives we shared. Although you did not elaborate on your many years of diving, your experience was evident from the smooth flow of your preparations, the conduct of the dives, and the emphasis on safety.

I like your sense of humor and the fact that you make it clear when you don't the answer to a question if its outside your area of expertise.

I'm sure its not easy to keep things fresh when you do it over and over again but you made us feel like enthusiastic new divers again.

Thanks again,


Thanks Steve a great dive and I hope for a repeat next year!

Your pre dive briefing was excellent-a first. Your knowledge of the reef and fisheries was good and with only two divers it was nice for me as a novice to have personalized attention.

I also appreciated the easy access of the kola site


Ken Anderson


Here's what you can quote me for your business website: "I had a GREAT time diving with Steve! I would not hesitate to recommend him.

He not only ensures that we had safe dives, but we went over the many marine life animals that we would see and how they interact with each other. No where has a dive company taken the time to perform this instructive function.

This was definitely above and beyond my expectations. I rate him very high and look forward to diving with him again some time."

Chuck B,

Escondido, CA

Hello Scuba Steve,

I must say it was sad to leave the paradise and come back to big city life, but memories were fantastic.

While in Kauai I was able to surf, paddle board, fish, hike and go boating, but the highlight of my trip was definitely scuba diving.

I was sure lucky to find Scuba Steve online. After seeing your competitors certifying big groups of people at the same time, I really enjoyed the close attention that was given to me.

I was really impressed by your professionalism and your ability to tailor the teaching exactly to my needs.

Again thank you for great experience,

Warmest regards,

Ramsin L. Walters, PT
Ergogenic Physical Therapy

We had a great time! We thought you were very thorough and entertaining. The history of the bay and the artifacts were most interesting. We actually made it a point to go to the little museum in town to see the picture of what it looked like "back in the day." We appreciated the underwater identification with your slate.

Barb - for Paul, Becky, Cory, Julie and Karin. (The Idaho group....)

Aloha Scuba Steve ...

You're the best!

Thank you for helping me fall in love with diving. J.P. and I are headed to the Great Barrier Reef in a couple of weeks for a 4 day liveaboard adventure!

All the best,


Aloha, Scuba Steve !!!

I just wanted to let you know that Linda and I had an AWESOME time in your Hawaiian Sea Turtle Observer Distinctive Specialty course. We learned so much about Hawaiian sea turtles and their habits and habitat, their characteristics and environmental issues.

We are very pleased with the way you taught the class as well as the course content and the practical hands on diving observation experience, identifying turtle types, sex and characteristics you provided us.

We would recommend this course to anyone interested in Hawaiian Sea Turtles, or interested in adding to their diving experiences.

Thanks to you and the two days of diving you provided us, Linda is a much more confident SCUBA diver and is now seriously considering signing up for a PADI advanced open water diver course. The experience you provided her in varying visibility, shore entry, buoyancy control, slate writing, observation of sea life and coping with various diving conditions has been invaluable. Feel free to use us for references or recommendations.

We will be coming back to Kauai for at least one week every June, where I work the Kapa'a Rotary Club's "A Taste of Hawaii" the first Sunday of each June. (Guess I forgot to tell you about that … if you've never gone, you and your wife should attend someday, it's great fun with more food, drink and live music than any mortal soul can handle. I volunteer every year to come over from the mainland and help out. It's at the Smith's Family Tropical Paradise.)

Anyway, we hope to see you again someday and perhaps take more classes or dive with you again. Do you offer a photography course?

Mahalo for all you have done for us.

Gary and Linda

Aloha Scuba Steve!!

It has been nearly 5 months since my initial dive and open water certification with you. My one regret though is not taking the time sooner to thank you for a wonderful experience.

I found you to be a wonderful and attentive instructor and, I might add, very patient.

You may or may not recall that when it came time to remove my mask and clear it, perform my controlled emergency swimming ascent skill (C.E.S.A.) and several other certification requirements, I was a little nervous. It's one thing to do those things in an 8 foot pool, it's quite another to do it in the open water!

However, you took your time and did not rush me. You encouraged me to tackle it at my own pace and gave me the confidence to get my certification.

I'm not sure if I will remember more of "Big Daddy" (a HUGE ancient mariner of a Green Sea Turtle) or your encouragement, patience and excellent instruction.

I was amazed at how many things I had learned with you that I did not learn in my class room training. It's no secret why you came highly recommended to me by several long time divers.

For sure, it was a life changing experience diving at Koloa Landing which I will not soon forget.

Steve - you are the man.

A big fat Mahalo!!!

Best Regards and say hello to "Big Daddy" for me please.


New York

Hi Scuba Steve,

Hope you are doing well. So sorry my review is late. I was waiting to receive our certification cards and we got them a few weeks ago !!!

Thank you so much for teaching us how to dive!! We dreamed of getting our certification ever since we tried scuba diving on our honeymoon in 2008.

We almost couldn't afford it, so thank you for working with our travel budget and making our dream come true. And what better place to learn than on beautiful Kauai?!

You are definitely very knowledgeable and we appreciated how you explained everything very simply before we did a skill so we knew what to expect.

It helped me relax and I felt pretty comfortable doing the skills, even the emergency situations (and I thought I might panic a bit!).

It was also great of you to make sure the diving conditions were good before we got in the water. Learning how to use the compass was really cool ... I couldn't believe that I found my way around so easily!

I loved exploring on our free dives and finding turtles and tons of sea life. Kauai is an amazing place!

Now that we have our certification, we look forward to diving in our hometown of San Diego and on future vacations. We hope if won't be too long before we can get back in the water and maybe back to Kauai someday.

Thank you again!


Keriann & Keith Martin

Aloha Dive Buddies !!!

Here's my testimonial:

This was the first time I'd ever scuba dived. It was AWESOME!! Scuba Steve did a great job of reviewing the basics (was even somewhat fun) and made me feel really comfortable.

Once we got underwater - so beautiful. Steve did a great job pointing out the sites - turtles, eels, crazy underwater creatures.

The whole experience was fabulous.

By the way, Scuba Steve ... where did you get your duck call? I have Craig for Christmas and I think it would be a perfect gift.

Thanks for a great time.

Meri S.

Thanks Scuba Steve!

We've been trying to get our PADI Open Water Certification since 2007 and have been thwarted every time by weather. More superstitious people may have thought the gods were trying to tell us something....but we are the determined type.

We decided if we could stay in one spot for longer than a week we could outlast the weather and get this thing accomplished. So we booked our Kauai trip for a two week stay and scheduled our diving right at the beginning.

The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful experience. We saw lots of beautiful sea life and Steve pointed out many unusual and difficult-to-spot creatures we would have otherwise missed.

Thanks again!

Doug & Sue

Fallon Travel LLC

Fallon, NV 89406


Although I have been back in Georgia for a few weeks, I had a lot of trouble getting the Islands out of my blood. I guess I have to return to reality.

I wanted to thank you for two of the greatest dives ever. Your training on the Diver Propulsion vehicles was superb and permitted me to fully enjoy the second dive with the units. It was a great way to see the beautiful underwater sights of Whaler's Cove and become closer to it's inhabitants.

Thanks again. I will definitely repeat when I visit next.

Pat Farace

Hinesville, Georgia

{short description of image}

Dear Scuba Steve,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I'm a safe diver. I hired Steve because I wanted to do a dive while I was in Hawaii, but I didn't know the area. And I hadn't done an Ocean dive before - I was certified for open water in a lake. So I wanted someone that could show me what the island of Kauai had to offer beneath it's waves.

I was very happy with the service that Steve provided. He was prompt and easy going, easy to get along with. He help me gain confidence during the dive and really help make the dive fun and exciting.

I'm sure he's seem most of those fish and turtles hundreds of times, but even he sounded excited as me talk (me in amazed wonder) at the various things we saw. He provided refreshments during the breaks and even provided a camp shower to rinse off the salt water.

I enjoyed the first day of diving so much that I booked another day. If I end up on Kauai island again, I'll be sure to give Steve a call."

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Marlo Quast

Hi Steve;

{short description of image} Well all I have to say is diving with you this past week was the 2nd best diving I have had in 20 years (shark dives were first) haha.

I can't say enough about the great way you took care of me and sorry my legs didn't hold out for thurs dive I sure wanted to go but I paid for it all the way home.

Diving with you was the most one on one treatment I have ever had. The knowledge that you gave me on our before diving briefings was the greatest and yes the way I have been talking about the turtle cert course people wonder how I learned so much on vacation we won't tell will we Steve.

I can promise you this it was the most fun dives and easiest ones I have ever done. My wife and I enjoyed talking to you and Nick the morning that we had to leave and yes Steve she did agree that I found someone who likes to talk as much as me.

Again thanks for a great time and I can promise the next trip over we will get the other two cert. dives in and who knows maybe even see a shark (I sure was hoping on our second dive tuesday) but it never appeared.

Already have made two transport runs this week to St. Louis now watching the Missouri Tigers playing Neb. And is and has been raining all day we have had around 5 in. don't know when it's going to stop.


James Rhodes

{short description of image}

Scuba Steve!!!

Back home safe in Chicago-land and I thought I'd drop you a thank you. At 43 years old I elected to scuba dive for the first time while visiting Kauai.

I was somewhat apprehensive but felt this was a task I needed to check off my list while visiting the island for the first time as well. I did not expect that my brother-in-law (75+ dives) and I would be the only two diving with you. What a relief!!!

After going through the training I still was apprehensive but I knew I would be safe with you supervising our dive. During the thirty minutes (seemed like forever) or so it took me to get through the minimum training tasks I never once felt rushed or pressured to "get it done".

I really appreciated your demeanor and ability to articulate remedies to assist me in accomplishing my goal. The first dive was a wonderful new experience. While some may have felt restricted or confined, I really felt comfortable with you holding onto my vest during the majority of the first dive.

I really was able to relax and eventually you let me go to explore the new sensation of scuba diving. I enjoyed my first dive so much that we booked a second with you before heading to the mainland.

What a great time. You really know the area in which you dive and really go out of your way to make sure your customers have a great time, safely.

When I come to Kauai again the first thing I will be doing is setting up more dives with Scuba Steve. Continued success to you and your colleagues.


Russ Davis

{short description of image}

Hi Scuba Steve!

Finally got around to getting back in touch with you. Jennifer and I just wanted to thank you again for a great dive while we were stopped over in Kauai.

Thanks for working with us to get us to the dive site and help us schedule our dive in the short time we were in Kauai. Initially were worried that we would feel rushed with the all the logistics of getting off the cruise ship, getting the rental car etc and still be able to enjoy the dive.

You really helped to alleviate all of those concerns as soon as we showed up by having all the gear sized, lined up and ready to go.

The "Rusty Diver Review" you gave was great for both of us, very informative and it really helped Jennifer to get back in the swing of things.

I don't think we told you but that day was our 10 year wedding anniversary!! Who better to spend it with than Scuba Steve!!!

Thanks again and we look forward to diving with you in the future!

Brian H.

{short description of image}

Fisheries Biologist USGS-Klamath Falls Field Station

How's life in paradise?
We really enjoyed our dive with you last year. Hope to repeat next time we're on Kauai!

We're in the planning stages for another Hawaii trip, some time in late September or early October. We'll probably be spending some time on the big island first, then hopping to Kauai for a few days before heading back home. Can you recommend a good intro dive tour on the big island? We are still not certified divers, so an intro tour would have to be the thing.

Our dive with you was great! I have done a lot of snorkeling and free diving over the years, but had never done a scuba trip before.

I was impressed with the quality of the equipment you use and the thorough way you teach the course. We will definitely be back for another dive when we get back to Kauai!

Rick C.

3 Year Update ...

Greetings Scuba Steve,

You probably don't remember me, (comment from SS: " Of COURSE I remember you!") an OW student of yours from Feb/March 2006 - think very muddy ocean, rainy and stormy weather (comment from SS: "We had literally 40 days and 40 nights of near-continuous rains and flooding, dams over-flowing and bursting") ...

But I wanted to let you know that during the past three years, I have continued to learn and practice the safe diving practices that you taught me. My favorite magazine is Dive Training, which I read cover to cover each issue.

This month, March 2009, I logged my 200th dive - a milestone I am proud of. I continue to be amazed at the beautiful underwater world that you introduced to me. Every dive shows me something new to view and appreciate.

Since my OW certification I have been diving in many amazing places - Kauai (of course), Kona, the Cayman Islands, Palau, Fiji, Belize, and Papau New Guinea.

This summer I will journey back to Kauai to dive Ni'ihau, and in 2010 I will go to Silver Banks to snorkel with the whales and to Turks & Caicos to dive. Mantas, sharks, turtles, pygmy sea horses, frog fish, and hundreds of the most beautiful nudibranchs one can imagine.

So many unusual discoveries, and they are all logged in my dive book. Each trip, some other diver says to me "Wow, you're still keeping your dives logged!"

You, Steve, taught me this too, along with many, many other practices and skills I use on each and every dive day. I have met and made so many dive buddies, and I am now planning dive trips with them, instead of traveling alone.

Thanks again for training me, a mid-50's gal, and introducing me to the most exciting and amazing sport in the world.

Marta from Issaquah WA

{short description of image}

Hi Steve:

Thank you for remembering our birthdays. We hope to be in Kauai again soon.

Say hi to your wife for us and have a great summer!

Chris and Freda

{short description of image}

Thanks Dude.

Hope married life is great! We'll get together when we make it out to Hawaii again.


{short description of image}

Hi Steve,

All is well here on Long Island, New York. I just got back from Grand Bahamas and 3 full days of diving...... you know me, fit as many dives in as one can safely do!

This was my first trip to Grand Bahamas, what wonderful people! Of course the island isn't Kauai, but for a 3 hour trip from New York it was great. I dove with a "old" friend from Pa, Nancy couldn't make the dates. Great trip.

We did the "dolphin dive" and the "shark feeding" among other dives. What fun and what a privilege it was to interact with dolphin while on scuba.

I will be heading back to Bonaire, with my 13 year old niece in July. Need to train her to carry my equipment for when I am really old! Probably heading to Saba beginning of November with Nancy and Pa buddy, Neil.

As of now, Nancy and I are talking about returning to Kauai to dive "The Forbidden Island" summer of 2010. But please keep us informed about upcoming trips, you never know when we will show up!

Hope all is well,

Jackey Raab

{short description of image}

Steve –

It’s good to hear from you. I’m hoping to make it back to Kauai next year for some diving. Will be in touch as plans better jell. It will just be me unless I can talk one of my friends who dives into coming with me as Gene died in January.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Please stay in touch.

Martha B.

(Comment from SS: Gene and Marta were two of my first Divers when I started years ago. Gene was a very smart man, and even though he was a certified diver, he would ALWAYS have his doctor give him a physical examination and a health clearance before he came here! I have taught ALL of my students - both young And older - the wisdom that Gene displayed (once certified, a diver does not require a doctor's clearance, but Gene wanted to be safe!).

As a diver, Gene was always prepared, and I remember how he LOVED to dive Nitrox/Enriched Air ... even at shallower depths !!! Gene will be missed here on Kauai as well.)

{short description of image}


I am honored you thought of me! Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
You are actually not late. You are seven months and five days early ;-) My Birthday is January 20th. But I'm glad you wrote and as soon as I can afford to come back out, you can bet your a** I'll be calling you to go diving! =-)


{short description of image}

Aloha Scuba Steve,

It has been a year since I was in Kawaii and dove with you but I just returned from a dive trip in the Caribbean and did the big dive boat with probably twenty people.

They were chumming, people not following the guides, not a very relaxing dive or educational since the guides didn't have much time to devote to the more experenced divers they were to busy trying to keep the group together. Lesson learned from that experience.

Your personal attention was great. And your instruction was very through, profesional, and fun.

Being newely certified I was glad to have taken the Peak Performance Boyancy certification with you it has helped me greately.

I'm looking forward to returning to Kawaii and taking some of your speciality certification courses.


Chuck Taylor

{short description of image}

Aloha, Scuba Steve ...

We had a fantastic time in Kauai diving with you. As you may recall my wife and I are Advanced Open Water certified, looking to continue expanding our diving abilities.

Selecting you as our Instructor for our dives in Kauai was a huge stroke of luck, since your teaching skills even exceed your diving skills!

It was a pleasure getting our Enriched Air certification under your tutelage - your attention to detail and your ability to explain the why's and how's over and above the basic book-learning made the class interesting and helped us to be confident that we can safely utilize Nitrox in our future dives.

And I can't believe how much we enjoyed your Hawaiian Sea Turtle Observer Specialty course. In the past, it has always been exciting to observe turtles while diving. For us now to be able to look at a turtle and be able to understand things about their age, their sex, their health, and their history (based on injuries and/or markings on their shell) is incredible. Instead of just being excited about seeing a turtle, we now know what to look for, and can determine a tremendous amount about that turtle just by observing closely.

You did a fantastic job creating that course and, frankly, it was much, much more interesting than the Enriched Air course.

Thank you! We look forward to diving with you again.

Chris & Freda

{short description of image}

Hey Scuba Steve!

Dan and I unfortunately broke up – wish we didn’t. But desperately need a vacation. I will look into some of these and let you know.

That was still our funnest (is that a word) dive ever!!

Think of you often, hope all is well!! Aloha!!


{short description of image}

Dear Steve,

sure make me more crazy than I am! I would love to dive, but no $$$$. Keep us on your list. Maybe next year.

Chris turns 50 this year and I'll be 40 in Dec. This would be an awesome way to celebrate!

Good to hear from you!


Camie G.

{short description of image}

Aloha Steve,

I want to thank you for a wonderful dive last Saturday. As we get ready to depart paradise and return to the real world, I have fond memories of our underwater experience. I wish you would pass onto anyone who is interested in your program that I was especially impressed with the quality and content of your briefings, not only making the fish identification more meaningful but also explaining the nautical history of the above and below surface surroundings and artifacts.

These were the most meaningful dives I have experienced because of your thorough briefings. The fact that we were one-on-one was the icing on the cake.

The equipment was in great shape and the drinking water and shower were much appreciated. Great job!

My wife and I will be coming back to Kauai as we have friends here and when we return we will do the turtle dives we discussed. Please feel free to use any part of this e-mail for customer referral.


Wayne Ziskal

{short description of image}


I apologize for the late e-mail. I should have sent this this months ago but you know how things go when it gets busy.
Anyways I wanted to thank you so much for THE best dive experience I have ever had. You took my girlfriend and I on two dives back in March '08. To this day I am still talking about how much of a great experience we both had.
Hearing those whales and seeing all the fish AND tons of sea turtles was amazing! You were very good with my girl friend who wasn't the biggest fan of scuba diving until she dove with you.
I will never forget those dives because of you. I am planning a trip to Hawaii in December and trying to make an excuse to come over to Kauai just to dive with you!
Hope all is well and thank you so MUCH!
Mike From San Diego, CA

{short description of image}

thanks for the note...I really did enjoy our dives.
Spent 2 months last winter diving the east end of grand cayman...it was fabulous. Don't know when I'll be back in your neck of the woods, but I'll sure call.
take care,

{short description of image}

I wanted to thank you for your help in planning and arranging our diving in Kauai. Not only did you have everything timed so we could comfortably get to and from our cruise ship, but you handled the addition of our non-certified family members without a second thought.
Even though my nephew Jake (10) decided that he was not ready to dive, my brother Mike had a great time. (As a side note, they went snorkeling and snuba diving later and Jake decided he much preferred being on top of the water.)
While the water was not as clear as some of the other sites we visited in the island, we saw a lot more variety in sea-life and I would not have traded the experience for anything.
Thanks again for your time, patience, and a pair of great dives.
Robin & Erin

{short description of image}

Dear Steve,
We returned home to Portland, Maine last night and will remember our trip to Hawaii on those sub zero nights in January with a great desire to move there and not worry about how much snow the plow dumped in our driveway overnight!
Thanks so much for diving with us on 8/3/08. We had a great time. As you may remember we are new to the sport and felt very safe with your guidance. Our 13 year old son Ben loved the dives. I over heard him talking to his cousins about some of the information you shared with us about reefs and their inhabitants. Having an Instructor that can inform and educate is a real plus. We'll give you a call then next time we come to Kauai for some more diving.
Thanks again,
Dave Burkey
Ben Burkey
Linda Zembsch

{short description of image}

Aloha Scuba Steve,
We are back in California and I am writing in my journal of our daily Kauai adventures (I took notes) and I thought I would stop and take a moment to thank you for the wonderful time we had scuba diving with you.
It was everything you said it would be, including the hand holding option which I thought I might need but instead my daughter Alison did.
You remember Alison, she's the one who, when asked to pick any number between 1 and 3 confidently answers with 4 !!! That was the funniest thing ever and I'm sure the moment when you knew you were going to have trouble with that one. I myself was developing some anxiety as well while you were explaining the basics and hadn't even really heard the question - who knows what my answer might have been.
(Side note from Scuba Steve .... Prior to this "incident", when asked about her "vocation", Miss Alison proudly told me that she had recently graduated in the top of her R.N. Class ... following in the footsteps of her mother ??? All-kidding-aside ... Miss Alison, while embarrased by her answer and "harrassed" by her family, did an OUTSTANDING job on her skills and we had a BLAST on both dives !!! I'd dive with her ANY time !!!)
In any case a good time was had by all, definitely not my thing to want to stay underwater like that, but I am so proud of myself that I did it (thanks to you). And I passed my skills test with no problem because I am a rule follower - you show me what to do, and I do it. My son Jonathan really took to it and definitely is something he wants to pursue as a sport (is that a sport or leisure activity?).
Thanks again for your amusing class and your patience with us - we will see you again next time.
Kathy Dinsmore

(Second side note from Scuba Steve ... After I posted this letter, I asked Kathy to read my comments about Alison. Here is what Kathy wrote back:

Scuba Steve,

I loved your comment, and Alison will never see it though, so no need to worry on that.
Both Alison and I share a bit of anxiety (translation - blinding panic) about things such as giving oral presentations, and trying anything out of our comfort zone could result in a similar kind of panic which we tend to avoid, so for both of us to be successful at this was a major (phenomenal) accomplishment.
My friends and sisters simply cannot believe that we even thought of doing this. If it hadn't been your reassurance on the phone I never would have done this - and the really amazing thing is that I didn't fret about it at all beforehand. And let me tell you it's difficult to talk me out of a fear (usually impossible).
One last thought - apparently I passed on my excellent math skills to Alison along with the predisposition to needless anxiety, but hey, I got her to scuba dive so that's something (with your help of course)!
Take care, and just remember to keep breathing!


Aloha, Scuba Steve !!!
Hunter and I just received our PADI "Hawaiian Sea Turtle Observer" specialty cards. It is cool to have such unique certification, but not half as cool as the things we saw and learned.
I am attaching a photo of a scorpion fish you showed us. I will always remember "rocks don't blink". Thanks for the off-the-hook experience.
Best regards,

SCUBA Steve,
We'd like to thank you so much for the dives 4 Jan 08. You are a fantastic instructor; funny, patient, competent, and very knowledgeable.
From my experience as a PADI Dive Master, I appreciate a great Instructor when I see one. I was very impressed with the way you worked with Stephanie. The remainder of the vacation everything we did was measured against the fun we had with you.
It being Stephanie's first dive, she was a bit nervous. You made her feel very comfortable, and you prepared her well. I think she has the bug now and wants to complete her PADI Certification!
We will definitely recommend you to our friends!
Thanks so much,
Tim and Stephanie P.S. Baby Frogfish Rule!

To All Lucky Divers,
You will be so fortunate to have the experience with diving with Steve. My husband and I have been diving for 20 yrs.
Want to say this was our best dive experience ever. He spent the time on what we were going to see and how the fish react to there habitat.
Was very impressed with Steve's professional manner, and his preparation for us to learn about the sea life for our dive. Steve has an extensive knowledge of his dive sites and is willing to share his information with others.
When we come back to Kauai we will definitely look Steve up again. Will also recommend him to all that I come across that is going to Kauai.
Happy Divers,
Bart & Jessica Schroder

Aloha Scuba Steve!
What a wonderful experience my husband and I had diving at Koloa Landing!!! It was awesome to have a ‘private’ guide.
We especially appreciate the thoroughness of your dive plan and what aquatic life we would most likely encounter. The ‘cleaning station’ would have been overlooked had we not had the tutorial. Your signs were very clear and we were very comfortable.
Kauai is amazing. Thank you for making our diving experience just as special.
Ron and Maureen
Tucson, AZ

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to let you know what a great time me and my fiance, Ben, had diving with you. You were a wonderful professional and a relaxingly funny and easygoing guide.
I could tell that we had lucked out when the other SCUBA vans started pulling up to the dive site and started unloading lots of people. None of those other guides seemed as friendly or as laid back as you did and we really appreciated it.
The dive we got was very personal and suited both my fiance's experience as a diver and my total novice status. We were both thrilled to be the only people in the group too. It made everything so much easier and it got us in the water faster. The animal life was also great. We saw lots of eels, a very sleepy turtle, and lots of colorful (or camouflaged) fish. Many creatures were out and about and ready to be looked at.
It was a wonderful first diving experience for me and I would absolutely recommend you to friends (and I have). We will most certainly be calling you again if we are ever back in Kauai.

The wind and snow blowing at 20 miles per hour and the temperature of 28 degrees in Indianapolis prompts me to remember the wonderful day of diving with you on Kauai.
I‘ve had the opportunity to dive all over the world, but our day with you tops them all.
At first the question for the family was “did we want to dive on Kauai?” No one wanted a long boat trip to the dive site and, on top of that, two of the party had never dived before. The beautiful weather and the old urge to see what’s out there soon took over. The internet gave us the source to search for a dive experience.
Needless to say, your site caught our eye and had all the answers for our questions.A shore dive, all equipment provided, instruction for the novices, and our own private group.
I called to set up the dive and was impressed by your cheerful and competent demeanor. You asked the appropriate questions about our qualifications and laid out the program completely.
Arriving at the dive site, we all were impressed with the top notch mobile facility. Premiere location, chairs with each individuals equipment lined up - ready to use, carpeting, snacks, and even a shower unit on top of the van made this a unique experience.
The manner in which you presented refresher material to the rusty divers blended well with the beginner’s lessons. All were at ease. Your preview of the underwater critters was most enjoyable and heightened the in water sightings.
In the water, your experience in teaching had the beginners acting like seasoned veterans in just a few minutes. Following your lead, everyone enjoyed our private underwater world of Kauai.
Needless to say, a call to you to book our dives will be a priority on our next visit.
Bob Malachowski

Hello Scuba Steve!
Dianna Coakwell here~ We took our very first dive with you 11/09/07. I have to say, I was very scared to take the "plunge"!
You made me and my family (Chris and River) feel right at home in the deep blue!
Your "beach side manor" is exactly what we were looking for! Laid back but very serious about safety.
I had asked you to hold my hand at first, but once I got into the water you gave me so much confidence, with out saying a word, hand holding never even crossed my mind! I even thought the "other group" in the water, looked silly (all holding hands)
Your professionalism and great "get 'er done" attitude made diving with you the best part of our way too short vacation!
Thank you so much~
Chris, Dianna and River Coakwell
Kent, Washington

Dan and Chris here ... just want to say Mahalo again for the great diving in Kaua'i last week (10/22/07)!
We are really glad we went for the shore dive and the small group...of 3...totally cool!! The prep-talk and personal attention was above and beyond!! You know that cove like the back of your hand....LOL.
We didn't end up diving in Maui as we couldnt find anything not attached to a boat trip and after I got sick on the dinner cruise, that was out. LOL It was offered at our resort but the snorkeling there was just as good...we played with an average of 5 turtles there each day!! The local boys were even riding them!! LOL Wish you could hav come over and taken us out there too.
Your education on sealife was priceless, Steve, you ROCK!!
If you're ever on the east coast of the Mainland.....look us up!! Best wishes with the future Mrs. Scuba Steve...lucky lady!!
Chris and Dan, Maryland

Dear "Scuba Steve",
We just returned home from our much too short visit to your lovely home of Kauai. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for our incredible dive memory created through your excellent leadership and tour from Koloa Landing.
You were very informative in your pre-dive orientation and made the whole experience fun, relaxing and a genuine pleasure. Your sense of humor was a show in itself, which could only be topped by your obvious enthusiasm for diving and more importantly for dive safety.
You, by your own estimation, may be the "senior" Instructor in your area, but with that comes wisdom and experience, which those young bucks can only hope to one day acquire. You can be sure they will be looking over your shoulder and knowing you just a little tells me that you're only too glad to share your knowledge with each of them.
Thanks again for taking Adrian and me under your wings for a very pleasant dive experience. You can be sure that we will spread the word about you and your services to other divers we encounter.
Adrian and Terry Spratt.

Aloha Steve,
Deanise and I had the most fantastic time. You made me feel very comfortable that first day, and that the second day was unbelieveable!
It's not easy for me to put down in words of what a wonderfull time we had, the other e-mails from other divers said it all best.
We are returning to Kauai next summer, I will keep in touch to let you know the dates, as I want to get my certification from you.
Mahalo ...
Doug & Deanise Killingsworth
PS. Deanise and I were serious when we talked about showing you around Montana. When you get all your business done and deceide to take your vacation, we hope you get in touch with us and stay awhile. Thanks again

Hi Steve,
This is Tom Carley, and in July I went diving with you. I wanted to tell you that my diving experience with you was FANTASTIC!!!!! You are the best!!!
You were the most helpful Tour Guide/Instructor I have ever had !!! If you can remember I enjoyed it so much the first time I came back to dive a second day!!!
I saw more varieties of fish than ever before. I have dived on all of the Hawaiian Islands, except Ohau, from dive boats. Diving from shore was a very welcomed experience.
When I return to Kauai I will look you up to dive with you again. Thanks again for a wonderful dive experience.

Aloha Steve!
Thanks for such an awesome dive experience! For my first times in the water I am certain I couldn't have found a better instructor & guide.
Totally AWESOME!!!
Steve Saltsman

I wanted to take a few minutes after getting back to the "real" world, and thank you for the wonderful dive experience you provided me the day before we left to go back to the Mainland.
As you know, my decision to take a dive while vacationing in Kauai was a last minute decision and not with much forethought. I wasn't very optimistic that I would be able to find the right Dive Master/Instructor that could handle my last minute request, especially since I hadn't been down in over ten years. However, Lady Luck was smiling upon me as I came across your website and called you.
I am 100% convinced that you provided me with the best possible dive experience, and are in a position to provide anyone (regardless of skill level) the best diving available on the island.
Your "Rusty Diver" review was top notch, and combined with the pre-dive orientation where you discuss the types of sea life we might see and what to expect made for a fantastic experience. I would not have gotten this with some of the "BIGGER" dive shops or larger dive groups. You took your time to make sure that I got the most out of the time we spent underwater, which is what diving is all about.
I especially appreciate how everything was ready to go when I arrived. The equipment was ready (and fit properly) and was in top notch condition, the "site" where our orientation took place was like we were sitting in our living room talking about what was to come. The refreshments, fresh water shower, comfortable chairs, and "imported" carpeting was over the top. Nobody else at the dive site had anything close to your equipment and facility.
Please rest assured that when we return to Kauai (and we will in the near future), I will look you up and make sure that I schedule some dive time with you. Until then, please feel free to share this email with anyone and everyone that is looking for the most unique SCUBA diving experience on the island. It really can't be beat!
Aloha and Mahalo,
Kelvin Friedel

Aloha Steve,
Wow what an experience!
I wanted say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the personalized service I received and for your patience with a newly certified diver. I know the speciality adventure dive training you provided will benefit me in my future diving experiences, not to mention the extra information you shared with me that every diver should be know (but is not in the books). The navigation and peak performance buoyancy training you recommended was exactly what I needed as a new diver to feel more comfortable and confident in the water.
It was the last dive that I loved the most, the two large sea turtles and the dragon eel were awsome to see in the wild and you helped me to learn more about the aquatic life we were observing on the dive.
I have already recommended you to a couple of scuba buddies and I cannot say enough about Kauai. I have traveled a great deal and enjoyed going to many islands, but I have to say Kauai tops them all.
Your one-on-one training is just what helped me the most and I am looking forward to working toward the advanced level dives. I hope to return to Kauai in the future and I will be sure and set up my dives with you then.
Thanks again, I just loved it and will always remember my first ocean dives with you.
Laura (aka: Worldtraveler)
Laura S. Henn

Hi, Steve-
Thanks again for a great dive on July 7th (rescheduled from July 4th due to poor conditions)! We had a great time and really appreciated your sea life review before entering the water. It made the entire dive much more interesting!
After not diving for about four years, we were glad we took your Rusty Diver course. You were right, it all comes back to you very quickly. Even though the course was short and sweet, it was thorough, and it made us feel totally confident in the water so we could enjoy the dive.
After all was said and done, I was really happy that we chose you to guide us. I was initially skeptical about doing a shore dive (which I hadn't done since my certification training!), but it really was so much better to skip the boat ride (and the sea sickness!) and be in the water literally within minutes of us meeting at the dive site. I was worried about entering in the surf, but the site you chose was perfect and calm and not a problem at all.
The bottom line is that we got more time actually in the water instead of on a boat, and that was great.
Thank you again for a fantastic experience.
Kelly & Mike Hewitt

Scuba Steve!
I apologize for the delay in sending you this e-mail. We should have sent it months ago.
I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful diving experience my wife and I had. There is no way I could have gotten her to dive if it wasn't for you!
I had booked the diving trip as part of our honeymoon, but she had failed to mention that she has a fear of drowning. Go figure, I guess you still learn something new after being married!
If it was not for you working with her one on one and making her feel safe I guarantee she would have sat out. It turned out to be our best experience while on the island.
I seriously cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend your dive service for anyone looking for a more personal, friendly, and professional dive experience with attention to detail.
Wonderful! We look forward to our next visit and dive with you. Thanks Again for everything!
Scott Mitchell

Aloha, Steve -
Just wanted to say thank you one more time for a fantastic 4 dives! On my own I never would have seen half the stuff you showed me.
I was really impressed with your whole attitude toward diving and the animals you get to play with every day. You made me feel comfortable and confident, even though I'd not been diving in over 15 years.
When I come back to the Kauai, I'll definitely be giving you a call, and I'm telling all of my friends about you as well.
Take care,
Dave Madorsky

Hello Steve,
Our family had a fantastic time diving with you, you managed to keep us all entranced from our Assistant instructor mom to our discover scuba little brother.
The five of us will never forget the great things you showed us. It way beats diving in Idaho, LOL.
Thanks for helping us make amazing memories!
The Petersons

Hi Steve,
I am not sure if you remember me........I dove with you a while back..........a very green diver who was obsessed with the turtles and the incredible fish.
It was only you and I (I think I got spoiled)..........
Anyway, I think of you often and how you helped me feel so confident. I am looking for a similiar experience in Cozumel......wondering if you could recommend a good company there.
I hope to be back in Kauai soon and diving with you..........
Lesa Black (from Seattle)

Greetings Steve,
Marta Arensberg here, from Issaquah, WA.
You may remember me from last years rainy February and early March. The weather was so bad during my OW certification course with you, that we had to keep postponing the four open water training sessions. But finally the water was clear enough to finish up the class. I will be returning to Kauai on February 1, 2007, for three weeks. My husband and I will be staying at the Kuhio Shores Condominums again. And of course, I want to do some diving on Kauai this trip.
Since my OW certification with you in March 06, I have taken two week long dive trips. On the first, which was on the Kona Aggressor in June, I completed my PADI Advanced OW and the TDI Computer Nitrox Diver courses. In my AOW class, I did Deep Diver (or maybe it was Multilevel - I can't remember the name), Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigator. On the second trip, which was on the Cayman Aggressor in Sept, I completed the PADI Night Diver course. I now have 51 dives in my log book.
I would like to carry on with my diving education, and am thinking of taking another course from you while I am on Kauai. Would the Underwater Navigation Application/Exploration 2-Tank Dive class be the same as that section from my AOW course, or is it more in depth? Or maybe the Underwater Naturalist course would be a good choice for me.
In any case, I am hoping you have some available dates during the first three weeks of February, and I will call you after we arrive on Kauai to make an appointment for a couple dive days. I will be bringing all of my diving equipment, so will only need weights and filled tanks. Please let me know if you will be working during that period of time. I just wanted to be sure you weren't going to be off on vacation then.
Thank you,
Marta Arensberg

Hi Steve,
just wanted to say thank you again for taking my son and I out on our shore dive. It was great! Good luck with your daughter and your dive co. I will tell all my dive friends to dive with you when they vacation in Kauai!

Hey Steve,
I just wanted to say thanks for a great time and send you a few pics. I hope I can dive with you again sometime.
I haven't received my card yet, but I'm anxiously waiting.
Ryan (I was the pain in the ass engineer) ;)

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to thank you for making my first scuba dive Kauai experience so wonderful. My experience with you taking the discover scuba dives has made me want to get my PADI certification, I will hopefully be able to do it within the next year.
It was really awesome to meet you, and I hope one day I get to return to Kauai and dive with you again.
Thanks so much!!!

This email is long overdue, but better late then never.
We went scuba diving on Kauai with Steve the last week of August of 2005, and due to Steve's knowledge of the area, its indigenous creatures and his great patience, our experience was bar-none the most enjoyable diving experience we have had.
My wife and I haven't been diving for several years, so we chose to utilize Steve's "Rusty Diver" option for our trip, and we were glad we did. Steve is a very patient and knowledgeable Instructor, and the format of the experience from a shore orientation of the equipment, to the area and wildlife orientation worked quite well.
Steve explained the nature of the animals in the area and what the best methods were for viewing and experiencing them in the habitat. As we dove, we encountered other divers moving through an area at record speeds, and they missed several interesting and unusual sites as they sped through that we did not due to Steve's method.
We had an experience with a turtle that we will always refer to, and we wish we had a camera for it. I guess I was swimming along with this turtle who was in my blind spot just behind and to my right for a minute or so, and it wasn't until Steve and my wife signaled to me that he was there that I saw him. He was very close and based on Steve's advise earlier, we allowed the turtle to settle into a spot where we were able to experience his majesty.
Thank you Steve for such a great experience. We will be in contact when we are able to return to do more Kauai scuba diving!
David and Marianne

Back in Iowa now and I just wanted to follow up with you on how much fun I had going on my first scuba dive Kauai with you. I always wanted to try it but never had the opportunity.
The dive I went on with you was definitely worth the wait. There were other groups going out the same time we were and I could tell you were much more thorough in explaining all the equipment and safety procedures. Your presentation about the history of the bay and explaining all the types of fish we would see made the course complete.
Going the extra mile by having a class with just me and not a large group was fantastic and made the dive more pleasurable knowing I was getting a more detailed personalized dive. Your enthusiasm for the sport is great and made the dive more exciting. I could tell you loved diving and introducing new divers to the sport - even after all the dives you have done. Watching the other instructors in the different diving operations, they acted like the dives were just a job and did not enjoy working with new divers.
Just wanted to say thanks and I will never forget the humu, butterflies, trumpets, eels, shrimp, cleaners, goats, urchins and lions we saw that day. I recommended you to all the people I work with in Kauai. I hope I can get back someday and do more Kauai diving all over again.
Thanks again.

Jan and I truly enjoyed diving with you at Koloa Landing on Tuesday, August 9. We had a great time on our dive on Kauai. Our dives with you were at the top of our list of the things we really enjoyed.
Jan and I are experienced divers having been diving since the early '80s all over the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas and numerous fresh water locations too cold to remember. We found your set up, equipment, intro and execution to be first rate and right up there with some of the big name operations such as Peter Hughes Dive Bonaire and Neal Watson's Underwater Adventures.
We were especially entertained by your description of the dive sight, the fish and other critters we might see and what to look for. You didn't bore us, and covered the safety aspects very well without talking down to us. I don't see how anybody would not enjoy your thorough and lively intro.
Our nearly 2 hours of bottom time were fun, relaxing and exciting. You did your job as dive guide with professionalism, humor and an overall friendly and welcoming attitude.
I've been an instructor for over 20 years (I'm not active anymore) and have seen it all from really great to the unbelievably bad. You rank right up there with the best I've ever dived with.
Thanks again for an extremely fun morning of Kauai scuba diving.
Jan and Michael

Dear Steve,
Roger and I returned to New Mexico reluctantly after 10 days of scuba diving in Kauai…a most memorable, beautiful experience for a couple who have been married for less than 2 years.
In reflection, our time spent with you was absolutely the best! I dive occasionally in the Bahamas, but Roger's certification was pretty dated with his last diving over 30 years ago. With your "Rusty Diver" session, you were able to overcome his uncertainty within just a few hours, and get us into diving in a safe and beautiful location at Whaler's Cove.
Your attention and watchfulness to our lack of diving experience gave both of us peace of mind in entering the water, and as confidence grew, your knowledge of the dive site reopened the wonders of diving and exploring living creatures in the sea. Roger was so excited after diving with you…the ONLY reason we didn't dive again before we left was because there just wasn't enough time!
I can now look forward to many more diving experiences with my new "diving buddy", and we will definitely being Kauai diving and working with you again soon! Thanks so very much!
Deborah and Roger
PS: We left your cards with Suite Paradise and clearly told them that you are the guy to dive kauai with, even for us "scairdy cats"!!

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for your excellent training. I did two boat dives and one night dive after I was certified. All three went very well although the night dive was very intimidating in the first 10 minutes. Once I calmed down, it was great. I wish I could have dived with you some more but the schedules just did not work out. I hope my brother John gave you a small token of my appreciation.
Looking forward to diving with you again next time I am in Kauai!

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell how much fun I had reef and shore diving with you. You need to send me some cards. I'm going to hand them out to all the dive shops out here and all my dive friends.
I'm already booking my Kauai scuba diving vacation for next year. This time I'm going to try to stay for 2 weeks. I will be contacting you to set up dives once I have all my dates.

Hi Steve,
Just wanted you to know what a great time we had. Of the 100+ Instructors and Dive Masters we have ever went diving with you were the most interested in showing us a good time & one of the few we will never forget.
Good Luck .
PS. If you need us as a reference, no problem.

Hey Steve,
Things have been crazy here in NY but I have been wanting to say thanks for showing us around Kauai diving. We really had a great time and you did a really nice job.
The Koloa Landing dives were really pretty and very relaxing. The fish nests we saw were so cool and the male fish guarding the nest was a lot of fun and very interesting to watch.
Just wanted to say thanks and we will highly recommend you to any of our diving friends.
PS. Take good care of your daughter-shes a great kid! Oh yeah ... snow here yesterday


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