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How To Fail Your Open Water Test

* Tell your Instructor you will race him to the surface.

* Lie face down and motionless while holding your breath.

* Spit in your wetsuit and pee in your mask.

* Your Instructor asks "You don't want to do the buddy breathing because you have what?"

* You ask your Instructor which fin goes on which foot.

* You ask your Instructor if that was his mask under your tank.

* You tell your Instructor there is no way you can lift a cylinder with 3000 pounds of air in it.

* When asked for your dive plan, you hand over a bundle of travel brochures.

You Need Buoyancy Control When

* You rely on the silt trail you always stir up to find the shot line at the end of the dive.

* You insist that you never wear fins because it makes it more difficult to walk on the bottom.

* The only place you can hover is at the surface.

* On ascents, your entire body clears the surface of the water.

* You use 1000 psi for breathing and 2000 psi for your BC.

* You are certain you went for one dive, but your computer has logged three.

* You think being neutral in the water means that you don't fight with your buddy.
Your Dive Buddy Hates You If

* He gives you the "wait here" sign and you are still on the boat.

* He "forgets" to close your dry suit zipper.

* When you indicate you are low on air, he writes on his slate "I'll get you some" and swims off.

* When you give him the out of air signal, he passes you his snorkel.

* You give him the "OK" signal and he gives you the finger.

* He spits in your mask for you, but you haven't taken it off yet.

* He shows up with a set of tables based on his own algorithm "that's WAY better".

* He loudly proclaims that safety stops are for "wossies".


  • Our Instructors and Guides are "Seasoned" ... not "seasonal" !!!
  • "Safety First ... Last ... and Always !!!"
  • Our Motto (and our Safety Record) is "No Diver Left Behind !!!"
  • We do not hire "College-Kids-On-Break" or the "I-Just-Got-My-Instructor's-Card-Last-Month-and-This-Will-Be-My-First-Real-Job" employees ... that would be like asking a 16 year old to teach you have to drive a car !!!" 
  • It might cost a bit more ... but we think that you are worth it !!!
  • "We know the waters .... the reefs .... the creatures and the critters .... we even have their "shell phone" and email addresses !!"
  • We do NOT conduct "cattle call" dives or "jammed-up" guided reef tours or training classes !!!  (It "might" cost a bit more ... but we really do think that you are worth it !!!)

  • (Sardines belong in a can on the grocer's shelf, NOT on a boat or a dive site !!!)

  • Our Kauai Scuba dive experiences are with smaller and more comfortable numbers of divers traveling together ...

  • You will learn more with our personalized approach to diving ...
  • Our 2-tank Dive Guided Reef Adventure Excursions are F-U-N ... and

  • Our "Creature Feature" briefings are interesting & exciting !!!

  • Be sure to ask about our totally private tours and classes !!!

"Even if you have never tried scuba diving before ... you can dive with us !!!"

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