"Why Our Divers Prefer Their Shore Dive Experiences Over Boat Dives ..."




Aloha Dive Buddy !!!


This is Scuba Steve, with Scuba Steve's Scuba Shack, welcoming you to our wonderful world of diving!

We cater to those divers - both novice and those more experienced - who seek something off the beaten (boat dive) path and who are looking for quality tours or classes without being crowded or rushed.

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If you tend to be just a little “nervous” in the water … why not read some of the letters that some of our divers have sent to us directly about their experiences??? It’s all right there for you on our web site !!!  (www.ScubaSteveOnKauai.com/reviews.htm )


We generally do not mix certified divers with non-certified divers unless they are travelling together or without the express approval (in advance) of all parties involved.   

We do NOT conduct “cattle call” dives or training classes – after all, sardines belong in a can on the grocer's shelf ... NOT on a boat or a dive site !!!   We would love to show you the splendors and the treasures of our undersea world !!!         

Our preferred dive site has been rated as the #1 dive site on Kauai, and #4 in the State of Hawaii, and is located on south shore of the island. It is easily accessible from all parts of Kauai and offers easy parking and even easier diving!!! We generally meet our divers at the dive site and will give you directions the afternoon before your dive.         


Some divers have asked us why we prefer to do shore dives instead of boat dives.  There are several reasons.       

We consider shore dives more of a “biological” dive while boats are considered to be more of a “geological” type of dive ... this means that you will see MORE types and species of fish, eels, shrimp, crabs, cleaning stations, and all that “biological” kind of stuff when diving with us on our guided reef tours than you will from a boat ...


so unless you like colder water, stronger currents, less fish, and a few more big rocks to look at (sorry, there are NO wrecks to go see on Kauai) ... stay away from the crowded boats and come dive with us in a more relaxed style !!!           

Consider this fact … we rarely have had any diver get “green in the gills” or try to “feed the fishies” or “chum the waters” (these are nautical terms for “becoming violently nauseous”) on our shore dives … how many times has this NOT been the case on a crowded boat ???


When the ocean is “calm and flat” for our shore dives .... there is usually AT LEAST a 3 foot (most times even more) rolling swell offshore .... Kauai does NOT have any sheltered boat dive sites (like some of the other islands have) so you will always have to deal with the pitch and roll onboard.


The smaller the boat ... the rougher the float !!!


Sometimes this is enough to make diving awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least! Certainly NOT our idea of fun group activities !!!    

On the other hand ... our guided reef tours take place in depths that they fishies actually live in !!!


Did you know that approximately 680 species of fishes are known throughout the world's oceans, and that about 420 of those species are designated as Reef and Inshore fishes?       

A surprising 24% are endemic to Hawaii (found nowhere else in the world) !!!


You don't NEED to dive deep to see thembecause most of these live in waters between 20 and 30 feet deep !!!


PLUS ... you will get longer bottom times in shallower waters !!!


And wait until you see the turtles in their cleaning stations !!! You will be stoked !!!


Our dives are always an easy walk-in/walk-out from the shore. Another reason for shore dives here on Kauai ... it's easier and more fun when we prep and dive on a more relaxed “Aloha-style” atmosphere rather than settling for the “Hurry up and Wait” regime of generic boat diving.        

If you are concerned about carrying your gear to the water's edge, no worries! We will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can !!! (We usually set up 20-30 feet of the water's edge, anyway !!!)  

We DO NOT do “crashing surf entries” as a general rule - after all, this is RECREATIONAL diving, NOT a Navy SEAL's Survival Training Session !!! Only when we are training for the advanced levels of diving (Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster or Instructor Training Levels) will we enter the waters in surf conditions.     

“Easy walk-in/walk-out” shore entries means just that … in conditions that are pleasant and easy; minimal surge and swell.                

My general rule is to consider whether or not I would take my own family and friends into the waters with the conditions present. If yes, then we go. If no, then we reconsider our options.


As we say here in the Islands “When in doubt … DON'T go out !!!”


We accept most major credit cards, traveler's cheques and cash. I would encourage you to make your reservations now as we only take a small number of divers at any one time, and our prime dive times book up in advance … and we would like to dive with you !!!


Please call us at 1-808-212-7376 with any other questions that you may have. Let's go diving together !!!



Scuba Steve


e: ScubaSteve@ScubaSteveOnKauai.com


P.S. Did you know that where we dive there are sunken anchors and chains from the 1880's ??? And be sure to ask us about the “Block Fish” or the “Knotted Rope Fish” that we see here … there are several varieties and they are unique !!!  








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